Phuket old town visit – the Sino-Portuguese culture.

A unique community in Phuket are the "Baba", with their own way of life, language, dress, and food. The core of this community was formed by early unions between Hokkien tin-miners and Siamese women. This distinctive Baba heritage can be seen in Old Phuket Town. Phuket, Penang and Malacca were all involved with the tin mining and exchange of goods between China Siam and Malaysia. A night stroll in this part of town will be fascinating for teachers and studfents alike. Why not arrange to eat the Baba Nyonya food, a fusion between Thai, Chinese and Malaysian cuisine?
Phuket, also known as 'The Pearl of the Andaman', has over the years been home to many people and cultures from many different places.

The island of Phuket as a tin mining region was what attracted people to the island over the course of it's history; Siamese, Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians and sea gypsies. Now Phuket's beaches and waters are what bring people here.

This diverse history means that the Old Town in Phuket Town is a mix of old heritage buildings and distinctive architectural styles which are similar to Georgetown in Penang, albeit with evidence of Thai flourishes. 5 roads and 2 lanes within Phuket Old Town have been designated a 'Conservation of Cultural Heritage Zone' by the Thai government due to the architectural heritage and this has been embraced by the families that live within the Old Town. The old town has like Penang been reinvigorated and gentrified.

There is also an opportunity to compare old culture with new culture as street art has begun popping up around Phuket Old Town; this new aspect to Phuket just recently began so who knows what art you will pass on your way round?

Additional Information

  • Groups of 9-13 for mini bus transit
  • Safety briefings are necessary before students arrive in town
  • Itinerary set by SIA staff and teachers (practical))
  • Plan outlined and communicated to students
  • Emergency procedure
  • Weather
Previous experience: No previous experience required
Duration:Number of hours varies according to Group Leader decisions
Qualifications: Nil
What's Included: transport and in town activity
What's required: WSmart but casual dress
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