Outdoor Education in Asia understands that ensuring safety is a key aspect to planning school trips and working with parents; we take this responsibility extremely seriously. We also understand that Adventurous Journeys and School Expeditions will always contain an element of risk and that supporting students to make their own ongoing (ie. dynamic) risk assessments and decisions is part of the key learning from any such trip.

Outdoor Education in Asia always maintains appropriate instructor:learner ratios, and all of our staff are safety trained (in addition to holding the relevant and necessary qualifications to support young adults during their time with us). We believe that each participant has a right to be protected from unnecessary risks but must also exercise their responsibilities appropriately to help manage any risks (this is particularly relevant when on a boat).

We have identified the risks associated with our watersport activities and developed robust risk assessments and supporting procedures to help minimise incidents. Our risk assessments focus on three constituent parts to deliver our activities safely:

  • activity-specific risks
  • location-specific risks
  • person-specific risks

Whilst we have identified the activity- and location-specific risks, we also understand that only the leaders of a trip can fully predict the potential risks associated with their group (i.e. person-specific risks). We work with the leaders prior to arrival in order to identify and manage the safety of all groups that we welcome. Thus we offer pre-visits as part of the booking process.