Phukets Night Markets Visit

No school trip would be complete without some chance to buy souvenirs and gifts for those back home, and Phuket's markets offer a wide variety of local handicrafts for sale with some great bargains to be found; these markets really are worth a visit.

However, a day spent in the sun not only means you end up hot and flustered but also mean that you miss a day of sailing or other activities. Thankfully, Phuket has an answer - Night Markets.

Opening once the sun has gone down and the heat of the day is forgotten, Phuket's Night Markets have a festival atmosphere with street performers and music interspersed between the between the stalls. Whether it is food, local crafts, cheap clothes or just something for those at home, Phuket's Night Markets will probably have something for everyone (and easily within all budgets).

Additional Information

  • Mini Bus Required 11 seaters
  • Teacher Briefing
  • Emergency Mobile given out.
  • BBQ in town or 'Street Food'.
  • Weather
Previous experience: Nil reqd
Duration: Evening
Qualifications: Nil
What's Included: Nil
What's required: Wcasual attire, t shirt, shorts or long trousers
We can help you with the following on request:

Minibus Transfer