Group size depends on activities – we are able to teach from group sizes of 10-100 students. We can put up to 80 students on yachts and keelboats. Our Dragon Boating Regattas are frequently held with groups of over 120 people and sometimes as many as 200.

Students from 11 – 18 may participate in most of our activities. Bespoke Outdoor Education Packages are ideal for most International School Groups. We work with you and recommend the activities that suit you best.

No, we ensure that students who can’t swim are gently introduced to the Buoyancy Aid and that all students must wear whenever they are on water. We also make sure we know who is a non-swimmer prior to going on the water, and we ask teachers and our instructors to be mindful of these students throughout the activities.

Yes, beginners are the majority of our customers! Our experience allows us to put together fun programmes or ISSA certified courses that skill up the students and teach them the basics, so they can enjoy their new sport.

Yes, we are delighted to have teachers join in and this always goes down well with the students too. We recommend that your school sends their teachers to us for a weekend prior to any school trip, so that they are one step ahead of their students and can take an active part in the teaching and learning process. Please see our Leader Pre-Visits page for further details.

Yes, we are keen to train teachers and we recommend that your school sends their teachers to us (at 50% discounts) for an INSET prior to a school trip. IYT Certification is also available.

Yes, we do and these are mailable to schools on request. Please use the contact form or the message buttons below.

Yes, we do. We have risk assessed all of our activities and can provide to Schools upon request (although these will need to be personalised for each group and agreed with your school’s Educational Visits Coordinator). We are an IYT Sea School and the Principal is a former Outdoor Education Specialist teacher (UK trained) who has many years of experience in minimising the risk of what are essentially low risk activities, properly and effectively organised. Our risk management procedures are outlined on our Health and Safety page. Our Health and Safety Policy and all of our risk assessments are available for download on our Trip Admin page.

Yes, we are insured by QBE Insurance and we have TAT Insurance as well as Yacht Insurance for all our commercial training vessels. Insurance photocopies and details can be supplied to you on request.

If you have any other questions, we are happy to help: