Snorkelling in Tropical Waters

Thailand's tropical waters abound with marine life. What many people are fortunate to discover is that snorkeling with a mask and fins can almost be as much fun and as interesting as actually scuba diving.

Risk Assessments

Snorkelling Activity on voyages

Without the heavy equipment of a scuba diver, the snorkler can pretty much see everything a diver would see.

Our additional activity of snorkeling can be planned for on a sailing expedition. We know our proposed route and we plan a half day stopover where we know the waters are crystal clear and safe. Our yachts and keelboats are the perfect platform for the students to swim from. With a short safety briefing and a few sensible rules, plus a safety boat in attendance, we can let our students enjoy the marine environment.

additional Information

  • Teams of 6
  • Safety Cover team
  • Masks and snorkels
  • Safety Boat
  • Group Briefings - Hydration
  • Defined area of exploration
  • Training for newbies
  • Safety eqpt and medical first aid on hand
  • Sunblock
  • Bathing attire
  • Timing
Previous experience: No previous experience required
Duration: 2 days
Qualifications: Learn to sail
What's Included: Safety equipment, Instruction, Yacht, Bottled Water, Fuel and Insurance
What's optional: Sailing Gloves, SiA T shirts, SiA Caps and Log Books
What's required: WWaterproof roll bag, light deck shoes,shorts or long trousers,t shirt, sunglasses and sunblock
We can help you with the following on request:

Airport Transfer