International Sailing Schools Association Certification

At Sail in Asia we believe in a learner-centred approach that is well organised and fun! Our programs are professionally designed, to provide comprehensive experiential learning activities. All our sailing courses give your students an internationally recognised qualification from the International Sailing Schools Association (ISSA). ISSA is an International Training System with common standards of quality and safety for sailing that is popular all over Europe. And with Sail in Asia ISSA certified sailing courses are available in Asia. We are one of only a few ISSA accredited Schools all over Asia.

ISSA Certified Sailing Courses

Courses for Teachers

Teachers who belong to schools that have a Water Sports Centre can be trained by Sail in Asia to become RIB skippers, Safety Boat Crew, VHF Radio proficient and Dinghy or Keelboat Instructors. This will enable them to offer quality Outdoor education courses to students plus enabling teaching staff to skill up and become Instructor certified.

The following courses are recommended for Teachers interested in gaining awards:

  • ISSA RIB Skipper 1
  • ISSA RIB Skipper 2
  • ISSA VHF Short range Radio
  • ISSA Safety Boat Course
  • ISSA Learn to Sail
  • ISSA Dinghy Sailing Instructor Level 1
  • ISSA Keelboat Sailing Instructor Level 1
  • First Aid Course
  • Risk Assessor
  • Kayak level 1,2 &3
  • Canadian Canoe Expedition Leader

SIA Consultancy – Training for Teachers – ISSA Safety Boat Training

Sailing Courses for Students

For students Keelboat and Yacht Courses are recommended. The Keelboats enable students who can sail a Dinghy to take the first steps to handling a larger Keelboat. These boats take 5-6 crew so the students have to inter relate and communicate as a team to sail the vessels well.

The following ISSA accredited courses are recommended for students from 15-18 years :

We suggest that teachers review any certificate that they may want information on. We are happy to give any further information about the courses and certification.