ISSA System

Outdoor Education International Sailing Schools Association Certification

All our Outdoor Education Sailing Courses for under 18 year olds are ISSA certified, an International Training System that is popular with schools all over Europe.

We suggest that teachers review any certificate that they may want information on. The syllabus covered is outlined and we are happy to receive email or phone calls to field enquiries and to give any further information about the courses and certification.

The following courses are ISSA accredited:

  • ISSA Learn to Sail
  • ISSA Yacht Crew
  • ISSA Keelboat Crew
  • ISSA Keelboat Mate
  • ISSA Keelboat Skipper
IYT Certification

International Yacht Training Certification

The IYT certification we offer is aimed at adults (18 years +) who would like to gain an internationally recognised qualification.

Teachers who wish to gain Sailing Certification (such as PE teachers or International Awards Leaders) are able to attend courses and will be awarded these certificates at a successful course end. These IYT courses are found on

The following courses are recommended for Teachers interested in gaining awards:

  • IYT International Crew
  • IYT Watch Leader / Flotilla Skipper
  • IYT Bareboat Skipper
  • IYT RIB Master and Small Power Boat
  • IYT VHF Short range Radio

Feel free to email or phone us for further help or information.