The Aquarium at Cape Panwa

Phuket Aquarium is a great place for your students to closely observe tropical marine life. It makes your students alert to all the marine creatures, that they may encounter, when snorkeling, or diving (should you decide on this additional option).

The Aquarium has a low entry fee of 100 Baht, and is full of fish tanks containing many of the things you'd find while diving in the area, such as turtles, lionfish, moray eels, lobsters, batfish, bannerfish, anemone fish and stonefish....
It's all very colourful and there is a good variety of marine life on display. In the tunnel tank are a few small leopard sharks, a couple of different rays and a variety of other fish. They cruise all around you and over your head...not quite as good as diving, but you do, for the briefest of moments, get the feeling of being surrounded by the ocean.

The Marine Biological Aquarium at Cape Panwa

As part of the Phuket Marine Biological Centre, Phuket Aquarium is a great place for your students to closely observe some of the fish that live in the waters on which they will have sailed. Many rooms with aquariums of various sizes allow you to observe many different marine animals, from tiny seahorses to leopard sharks and moray eels.

The highlight of an Aquarium visit, however, is the tunnel which allows you to observe the marine life as if alongside them as they swim...a fascinating experience for students and teachers alike!

After your tour of the Aquarium, at the back of the building  is a Nature Trail which passes the Marine Centre's research facilities on its way down to the beach on the spectacular shoreline at Cape Panwa. Amongst these facilities are a Sea Life Hatchery, a Sea Turtle Pool and a Marine Endangered Species Museum - a great way to bring conservation and ecotourism to life.

If you choose to spend an afternoon here then you can also experience the Cape Panwa Evening Market when you leave as it is right outside. This is a great way to have a rest day from sailing but continue to familiarise yourself with the oceans and the wonders they have within them.

  • 11 seater minibuses required
  • Conduct briefings
  • Emergency plan known
  • Weather Forecast
Previous experience: No previous experience required
Duration:1/2 day or Evening visit
What's required: WModest attire, boys and girls
We can help you with the following on request:

Minibus transport
Evening meals?