Discover SCUBA Diving

Try our introductory dive; it allows those who have never tried to safely experience the thrill of scuba diving at a leisurely pace. You and your students will escape to a unique part of our world with vivid colors, pristine beauty and fascinating aquatic creatures. You can visit coral reefs bursting with marine life, swim with schools of colorful fish, or explore the intricate ecosystem of the oceans. When you try scuba diving the possibilities are endless. Using the highest quality scuba equipment and being taught under expert supervision, these skills are the beginning of a fascinating journey into a brand new world.

Risk Assessment

Additional Details

  • Breathing underwater
  • Regulator clearing
  • Regulator recovery
  • Mask clearing
  • Equalisation techniques
  • Inflate and deflate BCD at the surface
  • Breathing rules
  • Equalisation techniques
  • Equipment purpose and use
  • Hand signals
  • Regulator and mask clearing techniques
  • Respect for aquatic life (if appropriate)
  • Importance of watching and staying close to PADI Professional
  • Limitations of the program and value of further training
  • Complete and sign Discover Scuba Diving brochure, including Discover Scuba Diving Knowledge and Safety Review
Discover scuba 1 day course

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