Dinghy Sailing

Dinghy Sailing is a sport that attracts many young people as it is relatively inexpensive compared to Blue Water Yachting. Most great sailors started their sailing in dinghies and the benefits of this are enormous in educational and technical ways. Our dinghy courses are run at Ao Yon from our beach location, there are changing rooms and showers for students, male and female. The Introduction to dinghies starts with shore theory and shore drills. The one day course is set in a safe area and the instructors are always on hand with a safety boat. The students are shown how to rig their boat, launch it and the first session is an introduction to the controls, the sails and how to tack; included in this first session is a capsize drill which ensures the students are fully practiced at righting a dinghy, so they can climb back onboard and sail away again. Slowly the students develop a better awareness of wind direction and strength, and their expertise with tiller and mainsheet. The course is an additional experience for students and we often like this to be a precursor to learning to sail on our keel boats.
Dinghy sailing with Sail in Asia 1 to 2 day course

A course handbook is provided for each student. Non-swimmers will be able to participate in all our courses as PFD’s are mandatory for all students. Check out the course curriculum, in the table below, to review what will be taught and what is involved in bringing your students to Outdoor Education in Asia. Sail in Asia is Thailand’s Premier Sailing School for Outdoor Education, on water, in Thailand.


Risk Assessments

Additional Details

  • Safety - Lookout / Yacht / Personal
  • Command Skills
  • Parts of the Yacht (practical))
  • Rigging and de-rigging yachts
  • Helming and crewing
  • Reaching, Tacking and Gybing
  • Reefing under sail
  • Hove to
  • Leaving a mooring, Alongside, Taking up a mooring
  • Anchoring
  • Sailing on all Points of Sail
  • Hoisting Sails - Trimming
  • Simple Weather

Previous experience: none required

Duration: 1 day;

Qualifications: none

We can help you with the following on request:
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfer