IB CAS Adventure and Marine Activity Trips

IB CAS Adventure and Marine Activity Trips: Outdoor Education in Asia has a proud history of working with schools to provide high quality experiences for their students.
Our knowledge of local waters and in house subject expertise helps us to work with schools to create trips that combine learning, challenges, leadership, exploration and lots of fun. We offer a unique range of Eco-Adventures and Marine activities , developed around ‘outdoor education’, ‘the local context’, ‘action’, and ‘creativity’. These expeditions and adventures are designed to guide participants beyond the comfort zone and venture into the ‘learning zone’. The immersion into the local, social and environmental context, creates an ideal medium to activate all senses and maximize each student’s engagement while allowing for individual inquiry. Physical activities with technical training in the sport and science of sailing create an action based and practical experience - focusing on the application of knowledge and skill development. Our unique blend of Eco-Adventures and Marine activities are hard to find in Asia.
Koh Yao Yai Adventurous Journey
Krabi River Adventurous Journey
Phang Nga Bay Adventurous Journey
Racha Yai Adventurous Journey

Marine Adventure Trips around Phuket and Krabi

Outdoor Education in Asia has developed a range of Adventurous Journeys that are not only competently run with safety in mind, but also empower all participants to explore their potential, move beyond their comfort zone and gain a real sense of success. Set out below are a range of Marine Adventure and Eco Adventure trips and experiences in the Phuket and Krabi environs.

Learning Considerations

  • health and safety
  • flexible durations
  • physical activity
  • international certifications
  • local interactions
  • immersive learning
  • inquiry
  • reflection
  • team building
  • leadership