Adventurous Journey

Our Krabi river and coastal islands adventurous journey starts at the marina, Krabi Boat Lagoon. All the vessels are alongside the berthing piers. The crews have already been already trained in the use of the Keelboats or Yachts in previous training or three days before the Krabi River voyage begins. Crews store all their camping kit, tents, clothing and personal effects carefully in “dry bags’ on the keel boats.
Each crew has planned the adventurous  journey on charts (laminated) and tablets or phones. The group are briefed on the trip and the safety aspects. This is a Flotilla of boats with a large Yacht or Trimaran in attendance as lead boat and Safety Boat. The keel boats sail independently, but always in close proximity to each other. Supervisory staff, instructors and teachers all travel with the yachts.
The route outlined on the chart opposite is followed. We can plan this trip to navigate the river in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction, depending on which season it is (NE Monsoon season or SW Monsoon Season). The route stops are indicative, on the chart. The river trip is followed by a coastal passage to nearby islands and then back to the Krabi Boat Lagoon.
Various adventurous journey routes can be planned with the students and teachers depending on the type of Award (Gold, Silver or Bronze)and what is required by DoE. The first leg of the journey can be completed in Dragonboats rather than sailing craft. This is an exciting journey that suits students completing the Bronze and Silver Awards.

Krabi River Trip

Explaining the Journey

The Krabi River adventure involves taking dragon boats or keel boats from Krabi Boat Lagoon up the river and through the mangroves. This is truly rural Thailand. The route is a great for paddling and the students will be able to complete the first leg to Krabi Town in half a day. The keelboats are at Krabi's local boat marina. The dragon boats will be paddled to a nearby camping site where the students pitch camp and make the evening meal.
The following day the keel boats are loaded up once again and after a safety briefing the second leg of the trip begins - the sail to Chicken Island. This coastal trip can take many different shapes thereafter depending on the number of days and nights required to complete the DoE Award.

Krabi River Coastal Route

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