Phang Nga Bay Circumnavigation Expedition/Adventurous Journey

Our Phang Nga Bay circumnavigation / adventurous journey starts at our base at Ao Yon on Phuket Island. The group are carefully briefed about the adventurous journey and the safety aspects. This is a Flotilla of boats with a large 6m RIB Safety Boat and Trimaran or Yacht acting as lead boat. The students sail independently, but always in close proximity to each other.
The students are already trained in the use of, and familiar with, the Keelboats or Yachts that we will use for the expedition. Crews have been formed and the groups have all their camping kit, tents, clothing and personal effects carefully stored in “dry bags’ on the vessels.  Each crew has planned the journey. Supervisory staff, instructors and teachers all travel with the yachts.
The route outlined on the chart is followed. We plan this trip to round the two main islands of Ko Yao Yai either in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction, depending on which season it is. NE Monsoon season or SW Monsoon Season. The route stops are indicative on the chart seen below. The trip includes legs to the islands in Phang Nga Bay with overnight stops in anchorages or ashore on islands. The trip can end at Ao Por Marina or at Yacht Haven. We suggest teachers review the Route Plan and discuss with us, to customise, the final adventurous journey.

Explaining the Journey

Sea trip around Phang Nga
Phang Nga sea trip

Risk Assessments


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