Eco-Adventures in Phuket

Eco-Adventures in Phuket:  Ao  Yon Bay is a picturesque, secluded cove on the southeast edge of the Phuket Island, tucked away from the usual tourist buzz.  It is the perfect location for launching an Eco-Adventure.

The location offers easy access to the mouth of a mangrove estuary, tropical forests and sandy or rocky intertidal ecosystems. The bay opens towards the Phang Nga National Park with several small islands to sail to, for day or overnight trips.

A night out at Koh Lon island is an integral part of this experience. This island has a rich diversity of fauna and flora.  The island is 95% covered with dense coastal and rainforest vegetation. There is a very small village on the south western side of the island where we set up camp.

Both locations at Ao Yon and Ko Lon offer a wide range of marine and terrestrial landscapes for our educational and adventure experiences.


Eco Adventures Itinerary

  • Learn To Sail & Competent Crew– practical training and certification in the art and science of sailing and sail boats
  • Resource mapping combines the skills of navigation, special awareness, social interactions and physical exploration
  • An introduction to scuba diving – an opportunity experience neutral buoyancy, a whole new perspective and explore reef systems
  • Paddling up the estuary and creeks of the Chalong River on a mangrove cross-section and plankton collection field day
  • Dragon boat training and racing to enhance team building and leadership
  • A night safari to uncover the hidden nocturnal life of the rainforest
  • A mini-regatta, putting our sail training and team building into action while we make our way to Koh Lon for the night
  • Cardboard boat design, building and racing, the ultimate team activity