The Phuket Sea Base

The sea base in Phuket, is located at Ao Yon, a perfect cove setting in SE Phuket which is without doubt Phukets most beautiful private beach.  Our multiactivity Outdoor Education Centre is located in the middle of this beach.

The beautiful cove at Ao Yon

Krabi River Base

The Outdoor Education base in Krabi is located up a mangrove river on the east coast of Krabi province.  Here we plan and execute our Adventurous journeys and the variety of other multi activity watersports courses promoted on this site.

Our Outdoor Education watersports base in Krabi is located in the Krabi Boat Lagoon where our fleet of yachts, dragonboats and canoes are moored or stored just a stones throw away from our exclusive camping site. We have excellent facilities here including male and female shower / changing rooms, swinmming pool, gym, BBQ area and 24 hour access to the wonderful mangrove rivers and streams that surround the marina. This is rural Thailand with only small fishing communities and small villages in evidence.  Our adventure trips and courses are set in this splendid eco system, far from towns and conurbations