educators for experiential education
Our educational philosophy is centered on experiential learning.  We believe in helping students develop socio-emotionally in addition to providing opportunities for intellectual growth.  Our activities offer an ideal chance for students to learn to be adaptable and open-minded while developing a respect for the people and world around them.

The learning environment at Sail in Asia provides a low-stress setting away from the classroom where students feel relaxed and open to learning. Our programs are designed to be engaging so that students develop a genuine interest and thirst for knowledge. While sailing, students develop a sense of accomplishments and responsibility for what is truly a formative life experience. Rather than lecturing students, our learning connect activities lead students through self-discovery learning allowing them to draw fresh conclusions from the evidence before them. We turn abstract concepts into concrete applications and examples.


Our principal has fostered a calculated approach to teaching that is mindful of students’ different learning strategies and styles.  His experience as an outdoor education teacher for exceptional students in England has driven a teaching philosophy that is highly practical and caters to auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learners.

Activities are carefully designed to be challenging, but also provide all that is needed for students to succeed.  Learning goals and topics have been carefully aligned to several international curricula to ensure that time spent at Sail in Asia is not time lost.

Our programs ensure that all of this is possible within a safe and open environment.  Risk assessments of each of our activities are rigorously carried out and students are never put in a situation where their personal safety is at risk.

In this section, we have provided various support documents for educators to get a better understanding of how our programs align with your specific curricular needs.

Mike Downard - Principal

Further information for Educators

We are currently organising all our activities under curricular standards for several international curricula.  Look for these documents coming soon.

Below you will find links to various downloads that you can use to help organise your trip.  Currently in development is a teacher's resource package with pre-trip activities that you can do at your own school prior to arriving at Sail in Asia.  We hope that you find these helpful and informative. 

All our activities are developed with consultation to several international curricula to ensure that we are providing enrichments to the classroom learning and reinforcing material taught in class.  Soon we will be posting a list of all activities for each program with learning objectives and goals so that you know exactly what is being taught and to what level.  
At Sail in Asia, safety is our number one concern.  All instructors are STCW certified.  This is a international professional certification for safety at sea.  Our first introduction at the beginning of the program is personal and boat safety and we take this very seriously.  All our vessels are equipped with floatation devises and students wear life vests while on the water.   All our excursions and activities are rigorously risk assessed.  We will not undertake any activities if we feel it is the least bit unsafe.  Safety is further guaranteed with our low teacher to student ratios, so students will not disappear into a crowd.  At Sail in Asia, your students are in good hands.
Schools usually book either 4 or 6 day programs, but shorter, or longer programs can be organised.  For all programs, the first two days are primarily on the water.  This is followed by an overnight camping excursion on Koh Lon where students can discover and play in nature and have fun.  The forth day, upon returning to Phuket, your schedules will be determined by the Education Connect program that you choose.  If you choose the four day option, this will be ended with a healthy and delicious beach bbq that the kids help to prepare.  For the six day program, most school choose to do a day learning to scuba and a trip to the reefs.  Students that are not interested in scuba diving can snorkel under the safe supervision of our instructors.  To see an example schedule, please download the pdf below. 

All accommodation and travel arrangements are organised from the moment you arrive on Phuket Island.  Generally, school groups do not have to worry about obtaining visas for students as 30 day visa exemptions are available on entrance to Thailand.  Accommodation can be tailored to suit the needs and the budgets of all schools.  There are many new hotels near the Sail in Asia Sea Base, so travel time in the mornings and afternoons is kept to a minimum.  For evening excursions into town, or to Panwa Bay, all transportation is organised by us.  All expenses are worked into the cost of the trip, so there will be no worries about added costs once you arrive. At Sail in Asia, we know the importance of a good night's rest and good food, so ensure that you have both.